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My passion: sports photography


The idea of becoming a sports photographer came to me quite late, in my second year of college. I did want to become a photographer long before that moment, but what really troubled me was that I couldn’t find a suitable subject. It was only when I got inside a gym to exercise for the first time, that I realized sports photography was indeed a tremendous opportunity. Through it, I could show the physical transformation of amateurs or professional athletes, while capturing their struggle to overcome their limitations, their achievements or failures at the end of a long day of training.

I believed that what sport offered in means of artistic possibilities was the chance to capture grace and power at the same time, but also the battle behind the two. I won’t mention how completely and utterly thrilled I was with my discovery and decided to start right away.

sportsphoto1Then came the hardest part of my art project: it was hard to find suited and, more important, available subjects. I decided the best way to continue my project was mapping the area for sport clubs and gyms. Even so, it takes a tremendous effort to convince people to model for you, especially since, as a non-professional, you have no credibility (“Hello, I’m an aspiring photographer and an art student, would you let me take your picture?”, doesn’t sound so good). Most certainly, there were people willing and even happy to help. Even so, as my goal was not solely to capture their bodies, but something about them as humans, instant photos were not always helpful. I didn’t give up my ambitions, but I’ve determined that my project would progress a lot more if I modified it somehow, or found another approach to it.

sportsphoto2So, why not, I’ve said to myself, capture my day to day struggle and that of others at the gym in a blog that would bring together sport and art? So, here I am, writing my first blog post. I’ve pondered and decided that I will write about sport changing people and how their transformation takes place, assisted by photos and texts, but also about my own athletic transition and how my body changed the past few months. I’ve grown to be a gym enthusiast and came to know the various methods that help with keeping your body fit.

Finally, I’ve come to understand that the gym is not just a place where you go with the sole purpose of staying fit and shaping a perfect body, but also one where you meet interesting people and manage to get past your physical boundaries. It is also a place where a variety of people gather, each one with their amazing stories behind that I can help make known to others through a simple photography.


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